Content Hack: There Are Only 2 Types of Content In Your Business

Get clear on this and make content creation much easier for yourself

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If you run a business on the internet, you’re probably making content. Yay! That’s pretty much the default.

But, what are you making the content for? What’s all that content’s purpose in your business?

I’m not talking about content strategy. 

The question of what you’re making the content for asks you to zoom out farther. At its core, content only has two purposes. Get clear on them and content creation will become much easier.

The 2 Roles of Content In Your Business

Content can only take on two roles in your business:

  1. Is the content your business? OR

  2. Are you using the content to support your business?

It’s one or the other from a strategic point of view.*

Let’s Unpack the Content Types!

1) Content is the core of your business and you monetize it.

This could be a paid newsletter or a newsletter that you want to build into an ad powerhouse, for example. You can still sell other things you’re offering in other ares of your business. The focus here is on making killer content and monetizing that directly.

2) You make content to market your work.

This is the most commonly used marketing format on social media and online. Post helpful stuff and then point people to your services. Content here needs to support your business. It’s not your core product, though.

Note: If you use content in your business, it’s important you distinguish between the two. Be clear on what you’re doing when on which channel.


What It Looks Like IRL

Category 1: This could be a newsletter, but doesn’t have to. People pay for a subscription or you monetize through ads, for example.

Category 2: A blog, socials (if you must 😜), podcast, or marketing newsletter are typical examples here. You make content to support and pitch your work.

This Makes Content Creation MUCH Easier

Things get messy for you and your audience when you confuse the two categories. It’s frustrating to expect one thing and get the other. It also makes creating content harder when you don’t know which category it falls into.

If you get clear on this, it will help you so much in creating and sharing your content, wherever you do it.

If you want to dive deeper into content creation, you’ll like this in-depth blog post I wrote on 6 ways to create great content.


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Happy Marketing,

Johanna 📣


*There’s also the detour of “I’ll just put out content and see what happens”. Yet, at some point you’ve got to monetize. Because of this, influencer ads and lifestyle brands exist. Make products and you’re on path two, run an ad and you’re on path one. Your life is easier, when you skip the let’s see what happens-phase and get clear on your content’s purpose from the start.

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