Are You an Entrepreneur or a Creative?

Your mental frame around this matters

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In this issue, I explore:

  • the difference between an entrepreneur and creative mindset

  • why knowing where you fall on the scale makes your life much easier

Let’s get into it!

Are You an Entrepreneur or a Creative?

I had a next-level epiphany today that I want to share with you.

Have you ever asked yourself this: Are you an entrepreneur or a creative?

Chances are that if you’re following my work, you’re a somewhat rebellious, out-of-the-box thinker. You could be an artist as much as a founder.


I’ve always been wildly creative and inventive, but when my time to choose something for work came around, I felt I had to be reasonable.

Entrepreneurship seemed like the next best option for applied creativity to me. It was the more certain and rational thing. So I chose that.

As it turns out, that was a mistake. I’m driven by creativity and an endless succession of wouldn’t-it-be-cool-ifs.


When I overtly focused on being an entrepreneur, I squashed the very thing that drove me: creativity.

In the old way, my creativity had to be in service of the business. A healthier version of that is for my business set up to serve my creativity.

Ever since I’ve allowed myself to become more creative and force businessing less, I’ve been experiencing a surge in energy, motivation, and action.


Even as a creative, you need entrepreneurial acumen. One and the other go together.

However, it’s a question of what comes first and is the primary driver for what you’re doing. I realized that today on a cellular level.


An awareness around what really-really drives you - business, service, creativity, etc. - can save you a lot of troubles and worries.

Do you know which one it is for you?

Happy Marketing πŸ“£,


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