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What do you *actually*, really need to do?

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are you good at making things hard for yourself? Same.

In this issue, you’ll learn:

  • why doing more isn’t always helpful, and

  • how you can achieve your goals with less

Let’s get into it.

How often do you make things harder for yourself than they need to be?

My new mantra as of recent has been to make things as easy for myself as possible PLUS giving myself the permission to do so. As a result, I’ve been feeling spacious in everything I do in a way that’s entirely new.

In marketing especially, it seems like you have to be everywhere, all the time, all at once. Reposting, reshaping, and resharing content on a plethora of platforms.

But, a lot doesn’t necessarily do a lot of good.

On the contrary, it can be overwhelming, soul-crushing even.

I’ve had my fair share of overwhelm, so I’ve moved towards increasingly asking myself on how I can do things with less. Less steps, less accoutrements.

I intend to ask myself more often:

  • Can I do this more easily?

  • Can I do this with less?

  • What is essential?

All the above are wonderful questions to help you trim fat from your marketing routine.

More isn’t always more. You don’t get a gold star for effort as an entrepreneur.

Happy Marketing 📣,


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