Are You Trying to Outsource Your Decision-Making?

[Friday Insights] - This is the hardest part about going solo in business

Hi! This is Bye, Social Media!, where you can learn everything you need to build a sustainable solo-business and market independent from algorithms.

Every Friday, I share something I learnt this week. This edition is about decision-making.

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Yesterday, I mapped out all content for the rest of the year and early next year. That felt very rewarding - we have some fun months ahead! I’m excited.

In this edition, I also want to touch on something in the solopreneurship/creator landscape that tremendously frustrates me: decision-making.

You can’t outsource your decisions as a solopreneur.

You can read 15 books, spend half a day procrastinating reading 10 more blog articles, sign up for 20 newsletters, hire a coach, and bring in a consultant.

At the end of the day, you need to make the call.

You can get a tremendous amount of help to make sure you make the best decision possible.

Yet, it’s your decision to make. Nobody on- or offline can do that for you.

Anybody who insinuates that whatever they offer can relieve you of the burden of bearing responsibility for your own life and business is not realistic.

There’s a difference between sharing best practices, consulting, getting help - and not treating people like the adults that they are.

Proceed mindfully.

What I can do for you

My newsletter doesn’t and won’t tell you what to do. If you want that, you’ll be happier with other publications.

If you like making your own decisions, my intention is to put out a newsletter that gives you what you need to make the best choices available to you in your business.

Calling your own shots is very challenging at times. It’s the only way forward.

Happy Marketing,

Johanna 📣

PS: Something helpful - the marketing plan guide

In the spirit of making your own decisions, I made a guide that helps you create your own, custom marketing-plan. In it, I walk you through all the steps from identifying where your customers are to which marketing channels to choose.

You can get the guide here:

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