Why Social Media Is So Hard

We're not meant to communicate this way!

I had a new realization about social media this week that I want to share with you. I came to it, while I was interviewed for a podcast.

Social media feels so hard, because it forces us into a rhythm of communication that’s not human.

Human communication has a unique rhythm. You may respond to some people right away, while there’s a time-lag with others.

Social media has its own patterns.

Algorithms and their demands for account activity and engagement force us into a communicative pattern that’s not organic. The software decides the best pattern for communication, not the people involved in it.

Some (can) deal with this better than others.

To me, it’s always felt strained and deeply artificial. Maybe it does to you, too.

How to get out of this

You can address this by managing expectations about communication and building up an alternative marketing channel to social media.

Remember: you’re not a robot. You don’t need to dance for the algorithm.

Have a good week,


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