Media and Podcasts on Bye, Social Media!

Interviews with Johanna on all things off-socials marketing

Here is an overview of all podcasts and interviews I’ve done on marketing without social media, authenticity in business, and building a healthier relationship with technology.


Podcast Episodes

Talk with Renée Dalo - Is Social Media Really Worth It?

Duo Collective - Sick of Social Media! Listen to This!

Imperfect Marketing - Marketing Without Social Media

MX Podcast - Navigating Instagram

In My Non-Expert Opinion - How to Attract Clients Without Instagram

Practadgoal Talk - Grow Your Business Without Using Social Media

Co-Create - Creating in the Age of Social Media

Mary Grace Allerdice - Success With or Without Instagram

Unlock Your Magic - FOMO Is Not the Way to Authenticity

Healthy Screen Habits - I Wrote a PhD on Instagram



Bizzie Magazine - Three Alternatives to Socials

Thousand Faces Club - Can You Build Brands Without Social Media?

Nikita Talbot - Marketing Without Social Media

Turtle’s Pace - Should You Build in Public?

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