Marketing is About People

*wink* The real marketing trick you always need to remember.

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let’s talk about the main priority of marketing: people. Too often this gets lost in the tactics, numbers, and targets.

At its heart, marketing is about people.

Let’s explore.

Marketing Is About People

People follow you,

People are your audience.

People need your services.

People buy your products.


Marketing comes down to this: You’re a person talking to a person about something you think will be helpful for them.

This is ESPECIALLY the case, when you’re a solopreneur (creator, creative, freelancer, etc.)

The rest is only like parsley sprinkled on top of the steak. 

Obsessing over the right tactics to squeeze out 3 more signups is like overthinking which pan to use to fry the steak, while forgetting to turn on the oven.


At the end of the day, you’re a person talking to a person.

It’s an exercise in empathy. And that makes marketing really, really fun - and personal.

Happy Marketing,

Johanna 📣

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