The Shift from Me to We in Marketing

From socials to collaborations

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in this issue you’ll learn about:

  • a new development in the creator economy (ConvertKit bought Sparkloop)

  • and how that can mean a shift from networks to people = me to we

Let’s get into it.

Earlier this week, I saw an exciting announcement. ConvertKit, an email marketing platform, bought Sparkloop, a platform for newsletter growth tools and referrals.

Why is this exciting?

ConvertKit is building out a platform for creator to creator, small business to small business collaborative marketing.

It’s a noticeable shift from the me of marketing on social media to a more collaborative approach.

In the past decade(ish), it was all about building a brand on social media, instead of looking at how smaller brands, creatives, freelancers, etc. can grow by building networks and working together. Mentally, we were siloed into the idea of needing to be on socials.

I welcome this shift.

It moves power away from social networks to those who generate a lot of value for them through their content: people.

It also frees up imagination around what is necessary vs. what is possible in marketing online.

I like that.

Happy Marketing 📣,


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