Do You Struggle With Consistency in Marketing?

Ditch the frustration, break down your tasks

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how consistent are you with your marketing? Not always?

In today’s edition, I share an easy way to be more consistent in your marketing without burning yourself out.

Let’s get into it!

To become a successful solopreneur, you need a marketing plan or strategy. I go into depth about why and how here and teach you in my marketing plan guide.

Success as a solopreneur also requires consistency in marketing. This is where most people struggle - myself included.

It can be confusing to know what to do and when.


When You Struggle With Consistency

Does this ever happen to you?

  • You feel bad, because you haven’t posted or sent a newsletter in a while?

  • You create a flurry of activity, totally overdo it, and can’t keep it up.

  • Your results are so-so. There’s a little momentum, but you want more.

This creates a doom cycle, where you resent marketing and yourself for what feels like failing at it. The more you resent it, the harder it gets to do, and the less you’ve got to show for yourself. Voilá, you’re stewing in frustration and shame!


Be More Consistent - Without Forcing Yourself

1) Decide what’s a healthy measure of good enough

It’s challenging to always hit your target at 100%. Then, what’s a realistic goal? Can you set a corridor for a goal?

An example:

You decide you send a newsletter twice a week. You can send it 8 times a month. Is it okay for yourself to miss it once? Is there a way you can make the sends easier for yourself? Can some be shorter and some longer?

Key Question:

What’s your measure of good enough without getting in the way of your bigger picture?

2) Set daily, weekly, and monthly marketing actions

When you work for yourself, you’re technically never done. You need to define what done means for yourself. If you don’t, you work 24/7.

This is where daily, weekly, and monthly marketing actions are helpful.

An example:

  • Daily action: If you do cold outreach, it could be sending 5 emails/day.

  • Weekly actions: Every Wednesday, you send your newsletter. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you reach out to 2 cooperation partners.

  • Monthly actions: Every 30th of a month, you evaluate your numbers, check how your keywords perform in SEO, or sketch out the content plan for the month after the coming one.

You set these for yourself based on your goals and marketing plan. You can evaluate them and tweak their frequency.

Doing it like this helps you in three ways:

  1. You have clarity about what to do for your marketing daily

  2. You feel certain that you’ve done enough

  3. You build momentum without burning yourself out

You’re giving yourself a supportive framework that’s also realistic enough to go through with over a longer period of time.

Pro Tip:

A corridor for your tasks can work well here, too. Instead of sending 3 emails every day, it could be a corridor of 3-5. This is a gentle way to introduce structure with more flexibility.

That’s it from me today. I need to go and send my three outreach emails now. It’s Tuesday, after all ;).

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Happy Marketing,

Johanna 📣

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