Dive Deeper on Off-Socials Marketing

I went on two podcasts, listen to learn more about leaving social media


I recently got interviewed on two podcasts about all things leaving social media. I enjoy podcasts, because they’re an opportunity to go much deeper on the topics I discuss in the newsletter.

It feels good to to me to talk about marketing without social media with nuance.


Off-Socials Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

I spoke with Renée Dalo, who is an expert in the wedding industry. Our interview was a delight! You will find our conversation helpful if you’re in a creative or visual industry. Much of what we discussed on off-socials marketing in the wedding industry translates to these fields seamlessly.

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Why Off-Socials Marketing Doesn’t Need to Be Scary

In this conversation with Abbey on the Duo on Air podcast, we explored why social media is hard for entrepreneurs and why leaving or cutting back doesn’t need to be scary. Speaking with Abbey was great, because as part of Duo Collective she’s very knowledgeable about SEO and online marketing, so we were to provide a lot of context for solo and small business owners in this episode.

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