3 Cool New Things at Bye, Social Media!

Let me tell you the news: Resources for learning, a new 1:1 service, and more.

Hi! This is Bye, Social Media!, where you can learn everything you need to build a sustainable solo-business independent from socials and algorithms.

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3 Cool New Things at Bye, Social Media!

I made some new things for you! I’m eager to show you - and even more eager for you to check them out!

Which makes this a… newsletter?!? 😅😂🤭

1) There’s Now a “Learn” Section on the Website

If you have any question about off-socials marketing, you will find the answers here.

Here are some of the articles I wrote:

I noticed there was a gap in information online with respect to how algorithms and social media affect how solid solo businesses are.

Fixed that! ;)

2) Show Me Your Work - A New Option for 1:1 Support

Maybe you spotted this in the footer of the past newsletter, already. Let me formally introduce it to you 😃 .

Show me your work is an option to get 1:1 support from me on all things marketing, for example to:

  • fix your copy

  • increase open rates in your newsletter

  • move your marketing strategy off socials

You can get help from me with:

  • copywriting

  • email marketing

  • marketing strategy

  • your overall business strategy

I won’t be doing the work for you but help you improve it and solve problems with you. I may support you in tweaking your copy, for example, but not write it from scratch.

How it works:

Show Me Your Work runs over the course of a month. In the beginning, you reach out to me with whatever you need help on. After my initial response, we’ll do two rounds of follow-ups. It all happens on email.

There’s no monthly commitment and you can book this as often as you like. It’s 350€ (+VAT where applicable).

Why do I offer this?

I made it this way, because sometimes you just need help with your marketing and business, but don’t need somebody to join you permanently.

Four weeks are helpful to drill deeper into things, yet not draw things out unnecessarily. I like this better than an hour of coaching, because questions often turn up while you do your marketing, not during a session. This gives you more flexibility.

The email format helps you get focused and create results. No waffling.

If that sounds good, you can show me your work here:

TL;DR: Show Me Your Work is the marketing sounding board in your inbox.

3) I’m Introducing Ads to the Newsletter Before the End of the Year

This is a heads-up for you. I’ll start introducing ads to the newsletter shortly.

If you’re interested in advertising in the email and online edition of the newsletter, hit reply and let me know.

Something Fun

Neal.Fun made a museum of the internet…on the internet. If you want to see what the first webcam recorded (it’s not what you think!) or when the first LOL was ever uttered, check it out.

Happy Marketing,

Johanna 📣

More Ways to Get Marketing Help From Me

When you’re ready, here are the ways I can support you with your marketing:

The Marketing Plan Guide walks you through making your own, personalized marketing strategy. It comes with exercises and step by step instructions that give you clarity and break down marketing strategy into bite-size chunks. Follow the link above for a preview of the guide at the bottom of the site.

Show Me Your Work - you know this already from the above.

The Marketing Plan Bundle gets you both of the above at a 50€ discount.

Full Service Email Marketing - work with my agency, Mercury, lean back, and let us bring magic to your customers’ inboxes.

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